MK18 Mod 0 CQB Gel Blaster

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MK18 Mod 0 CQB

Metal V2 Receiver
Tienly 35k motor
ASG M125 Spring
Kublai 13:1 Gearset
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Mosfet
RetroArms V2 Split Gearbox
Ausgel 7.3 ID Alloy Barrel
FB Metal V2 Tpiece
RetroArms Bushings
Well Cylinder Head/Nozzle
Well Tappet Plate
SHS V2 Spring Set
SHS V2 Selector Plate
100 Percent MST Cylinder
SHS Piston with Alloy Head
SHS Anti-Reverse Latch
Brown Viton O-ring
V2 Willow Trigger
Metal RIS CQB Handguard
Metal Outer Barrel
Metal Flash Hider
Metal Triangle Sight
Aomeba V2 Grip
Alloy Buffer Tube
Nylon Buttstock
Troy Industries QD End Plate

350-360 fps @ 30 rps

*Includes an 11v Battery and is wired with Deans Connectors.