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East Coast Custom Blasters

WE A180 GBB Gel Blaster

WE A180 GBB Gel Blaster

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We-Tech/ECCB Custom A180

The A-180 blaster was a modular blaster manufactured by BlasTech Industries. It was a highly versatile design which could be easily reconfigured into a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, or ion launcher depending on the situation.

The pistol, at the core of the weapon, featured a crescent-shaped trigger and a cylindrical-shaped upper design. To expand to a blaster rifle, a top-fitting lock was added to hold a separate, larger assembly to the front. The Rifle configuration accepted a side-loading magazine, reminiscent of an E-11. A barrel extension and extendable stock was fitted to complete the sniper configuration.

Full CNC Alloy Construction
Integrated Sling Swivel
Highly Polished Chrome Finish

250-250 fps on Green Gas
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