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APS MK3 AOW Co2 Gel Blaster

APS MK3 AOW Co2 Gel Blaster

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APS Cam870 AOW MK3

Titanium Nitride MK3 Bolt Carrier

Because of the high demand, APS is now re-launching the MKI system, we call it CAM MKIII. MKIII is an improved version of CAM870 MKI, it is still using push pin system, but internal is modified to make sure no real gun parts or shot shells could be used. The body receiver and its cradle are re-designed, so that baddies can’t interchange them with real shotgun parts.

With the help of extended push pin, CAM MKIII could give you 330 ~ 360 FPS, it is more powerful than the old MKI system. CAM MKIII shotgun are 100% compatible with MKI shells and Smart Shot shells. Smart shot shells allow user to fill gas directly through the valve. With the use of either 88g cylinder adapter or paintball cylinder adapter, the filling is 3 times faster than the old MKI system.

*This device has been upgraded to use the new MK3 Bolt/Shell System, which mean that it will only work with MK3 Smart Shells or MK1 Shells.

*Includes 3x MK3 Smart Shells.
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