Perun V2 Hybrid

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Perun V2 Hybrid Gel Blaster Mosfet

The Perun V2 Hybrid replaces the mechanical contacts in your Gel Blaster and provides a plethora of new features. Optical and new, state of the art magnetic sensors allow you to eliminate many mechanical parts which will wear out over time, thus increasing the longevity and overall reliability of your device. Adaptive trigger control allows you to adjust trigger sensitivity on the fly and is compatible with most 3rd party replacement parts.

Drop-in compatibility with most TM spec V2 Gearboxes, including the Retroarms CNC range.

**Comes pre-wired with magazine terminal contact springs

Customer Reviews

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Perun Hybrid

Best mosfet for the money. T238 is garbage and it's $30 more than a BigRrR. Very reliable and solid construction

One of the best mosfets

They are a great mosfet up to 50rps there are a couple issues but all of them do the wiring insulation is weak and easily cut, once you go over 50rps the mosfet will start to add active break to slow it down, the trigger sensitivity adjustment is great but if you use a speed trigger that is adjustable the mosfet limits movement because the sensitivity between semi and auto is different so if you tune the trigger to the smallest movement on semi it won't fire on auto but the things I like about it are that it doesn't read the sector position off of the cut-off cam and reads the teeth on the sector instead which is great and is more accurate as well as you can do a 12:1 dsg and tsgs with them and don't have to worry about the cut-off cam but other than that it is a great mosfet

Luke wetti
Awesome mosfet

Awesome mosfet that is easy to install and set up,highly recommend.