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GT MK18 MOD 0 AEG Gel Blaster

GT MK18 MOD 0 AEG Gel Blaster

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Garand Thumb MK18 MOD 0 Gel Blaster

Metal V2 Receiver Set
RetroArms CNC V2 Gearbox
RetroArms CNC Bushings
Perun V2 Hybrid
Tienly 35k Motor
SHS 13:1 Gear Set
Precision Stainless Steel Shim Set
CNC V2 Nozzle
CNC Stainless Steel One Piece Cylinder
SHS V2 Spring Set
Element Thick Rail Piston
SHS V2 Selector Plate
SHS V2 Tappet Plate
SHS Steel Anti Reverse Latch
Element M135 Spring
Metal V2 T-Piece
CNC High Flow Piston Head
Brown O-ring
Steel Handguard
A2 Flash Hider
Alloy V2 Trigger
Steel Outer Barrel
Polymer MOE+ V2 Grip
Alloy Buffer Tube
CNC QD Sling Mount
7.3 ID Barrel
Warinterest Tracer Magazine

360-380 FPS

*The receiver and external parts are all black and have been given a custom paint job.

*Includes an 11v Battery and is wired with Deans Connectors.

*This is a custom, ground up built, hand-tuned blaster that has had countless hours of tuning and tweaking. Every single piece of this build has been individually tuned for optimal fitment.

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