G17 GBB Gel Blaster

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G17 GBB Gel Blaster

Lightweight Alloy CNC Slide
Guarder Steel Sights
Reinforced Polymer Gen 4 Lower with Licensed Patent Markings
Guarder Full Hammer Frame and Set
Reinforced Alloy BBU
Alloy Outer Barrel
Alloy Front Chassis
Guarder Enhanced Trigger and Lever Set
Metal Magazine Release
Enanced Nozzle and Valve Spring
Guns Modify Hammer/Recoil Spring Set
AIP Extended Slide Lock
Guarder Enhanced Magazine Gasket
7.2 ID Barrel

310.320 fps on Propane

Compatible with most TM spec internals.

Rated for both Co2 and Propane, but tuned for Propane and will come with a Propane Magazine. Compatible with most TM G17 style magazines.

*This is a custom, hand-made build that has had countless hours of tuning and tweaking.