Double Bell G22

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Double Bell Glock 22 GBB Gel Blaster

One of Glock’s more controversial pistols, the Glock 22, was the direct result of lessons learned during an infamous gun battle. The 1986 FBI Miami shootout, which saw a pair of criminals outgun a superior force of FBI agents, resulted in a revamping of firearms inventories and training across American law enforcement. One of the results was the new .40 Smith & Wesson round, which Glock quickly incorporated into a new semi-automatic pistol—the Glock 22.

- 134A / Green Gas powered
- Semi-Auto Gas Blowback
- Comes with Alloy Slide with patent markings
- Comes with Alloy outer barrel
- Comes with Polymer Gen 3 Lower Frame with 20mm lower rail
- Realistic trigger function, same as real steel
- Included 10 round Gas Magazine
- Non Slip Special Textured Grip

Up to 300 FPS on Green Gas