Army R603 Hi-Capa 2011 GBB Gel Blaster

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Dominate the field with the unique style of the Army Armament R603 Gas Blowback Pistol! This Hi-Capa model features a distinctive textured grip to help you maintain control and an out of this world style fit for those high speed operators. This gun features fiber optic sights to help get you on target faster. Coupled with the extended capacity of the double stack magazine, you can take it to the enemy on the field and look great doing it! The ambidextrous safety lever makes this pistol left hand friendly! The coolest part about this Blaster is the 4.3 Slide and Barrel! You don't see a lot of 4.3 setups on field and Army Armament have made it easier for you to build one with an amazing looking and performing base!


- 260+ FPS 

-Stippled Grip

-Green Gas Magazine

-High out put valve

-Threded Orange tip - Can be unscrewed for other attachments

-Metal Magwell

-Fiber optic sight

-Rail mount

-Adjustable Metal Trigger