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Alien Blowback Laser Tag Blaster

Alien Blowback Laser Tag Blaster

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Laugo Arms Alien Blowback Shell Ejector Laser Tag Blaster

The Laugo Arms Alien is a pistol developed recently, and only introduced in 2018. Its lead designer was Ján Lučansky, who was also heavy involved in the CZ Scorpion carbine/SMG. The Alien is a significantly different take on modern handgun design than what we are used to seeing. It uses a fixed barrel, gas delay system (similar to the H&K P7). It has an extremely low bore axis, excelled single-action hammer-fired trigger system, and its clever slide designs puts the sights (either iron or electro-optical) on a fixed top strap that does not move during cycling.

This is a shell ejecting laser blowback pistol, which means the slide cycles back when you pull the trigger and a round is ejected from the device. When the slide cycles the laser is briefly activated.
After shooting the last round the slide will lock. The magazine can be removed for continuous shooting.

Full Nylon Polymer Construction
Laser Range - 50/200 Meters 

Includes -
Laser Emitter
10x Plastic Dummy Rounds
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