What is a Gel Blaster?

A Gel Blaster is typically a 1:1 copy or conversion of the numerous Airsoft platforms available that has been re-designed to fire 7-8mm Gel Balls.
Gels are made of a squishy, water-absorbing polymer, the same type used for retaining moisture in gardens.
They are bio-degradable, non-toxic and disintegrate on impact.
They are not capable of inflicting serious injury. The only real risk posed is to the eyes at close range and safety glasses are recommended while using a Gel Blaster.

Why are some of our blasters more expensive?

We are not your typical retailer. Every Gel Blaster we sell has had the most important Gel parts designed by the team at ECCB, right here in Australia. They are individually hand tuned and come pre-upgraded a Precision CNC Tightbore Barrel. 

100% Australian Stock

Every product on our website is imported in accordance and compliance with the QPS and Department of Home Affairs permits we are granted and is shipped from our warehouse in Brisbane, Queensland.


Any products advertised or displayed on this site are for use with 7-8mm Gel Blasters.


International Shipping is not available as a checkout option but is available by request if you message the Facebook Page. Customs Declarations for Export in Australia have changed with COVID-19 and are very difficult at present.

Shipping & Handling

East Coast Custom Blasters posts to all States that Gel Blasters are Legal to own, most orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days.
We use plain, discreet packaging at no extra cost.
Due to the current circumstances in relation to COVID-19, there have been delays within the Australia Post system, customers will be immediately notified of any delays or changes in regards to their orders.

What does this cover?

East Coast Custom Blasters offers a standard 30 day warranty on any part or service, with extended warranties on our High-End Custom Work. All products sold are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defect in workmanship and materials within normal usage conditions. ECCB will at its discretion, repair or replace anything that does not conform to this standard.

What this does not cover.

Abuse and neglect, any warranty conditions are void if issues are a result of improper use, lack-of or improper maintenance, accident or physical damage. This also includes the use of incorrect gas/batteries or any un-authorized adjustments, changes or modifications.