Laser Tag Blasters! What the F#@K are they???

Laser Tag Blasters! What the F#@K are they???

What is a Laser Tag Blaster?

I'm still getting a lot of questions so I am going to put this summary from my Facebook post here.

There are two types. Straight Laser Tag and Dual Gel/Laser.

The Dual Gel/Laser systems are a more expensive system and come with both a Gel Barrel and Laser Emitter.
They can function as a regular Gel Blaster, or have the Laser Emitter screwed into the Barrel to use with Laser Tag Targets instead.
They tend to use an electric gearbox to assist with the cycle operation which gives noticeably more recoil in the hand.

The Straight Laser Tag Blasters are exactly that, they cannot be used for gels, or withstand the pressure needed to launch a projectile.
(this makes them legal to own and use without a license in states where any type of toy that launches a projectile is restricted)
They run off a dual-spring system which flings the slide back when the trigger is pulled and is then flung back forward by the opposing spring. It is exceptionally simple and requires very little maintenance.

They are a great Dry-Fire Training Tool, as the Manual of arms is typically 1:1 with their Real Steel counterpart bar some minor cosmetic differences.

Going forward I am going to be trying to bring in a Laser Tag version of any GBB models we do.

- Danny G

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