Half year update!

Half year update!

It has been a crazy year for gel blasters, GBBR specifically.
There is quite a few systems we are working on currently, but we will be moving back towards the pistol models now that everything is back on track.

Our latest shipment is being organized this week, so we will hopefully see them live and ready to go in-store by the end of the month.

The Shadow 2 is getting a lot of interest right now, being one of the only decent legal IPSC suited real pistols that us Aussies have access to. What can I say about the Pit Viper apart from it is yet another John Wick replica? EMG do make some very nice toys though.


The Pit Viper is a standard capa, so the standard Guarder valve knocker and 5ku/cowcow hammer will be the go to.

The Shadow I am yet to play with so will have to see what we need to get the best out of them.


Next shipment we will hopefully be seeing the Scar-L, more M4's as per usual and the almighty G19x. We will be getting both variants, the M.O.S. and the standard, I know you guys want your optics setup.

If we can get more m9's you know we will be getting more m9's.

Parts wise we are still waiting for Ratech, but I will be adding as much stock internal replacements as I can to the next shipment.


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